Hello Everyone! This is a quick blog on coffee as it is the number one drug used in the world! Well caffeine is actually the most consumed drug but coffee is the most consumed beverage with caffeine in it so I wanted to showcase a great video on what caffeine does to your brain.  The people over at asapscience have put together a great short video on the long term affects of using coffee (caffeine).  This is something I have personal felt the effects of over time when driving to work in Tahlequah which is an hour drive there and back that I take 3 times a week.  Coffee helps  keep me alert because to be honest the drive is quite boring.  The problem is I started to notice my coffee making me tired instead of alert so I had to find out why and that’s where this video comes into play.  I still drink coffee but I make sure to take days off from it our sometimes even weeks to let my adenosine receptors, something you will learn about from the video, get a break.  I do have a video at the bottom to showcase the Longevity Warehouse coffee I reviewed and it is by  far one of the best coffees I have tried because of the low acidity it has.  Enjoy the videos and I hope the teach you more about our bodies!