Resolution definition: A firm decision to do or not to do something. The action of solving a problem, dispute or contentious matter.

I wonder how many of us have made a New Year’s Resolution to enhance your life, whether it is motivation, fitness, health or financial and still staying committed.  So I have to ask, who is still in or have you stepped out and made some type of excuse to politely bow out? Others may have said, with a very abrupt “NO”, I can’t handle this, I’m DONE!

I have had many years to practice making a New Year’s Resolution and have been in all phases of making this ritual every year. I would be excited to finally make a change in my life. I would tell myself to be committed. Then eventually somehow the importance of my New Year’s Resolution slowly faded. I would tell myself that tomorrow I would get back to attaining my resolution. Tomorrow always turned into another tomorrow and before I knew it, I would be completely off track. Finally, I would make the excuse, it’s just too hard and old habits gradually crept back into my lifestyle.

Alright, let’s do a simple exercise. Breathe! Now slow down your breathing. Focus! Let your mind calm down and have a little pep talk with that thing we call our mind. If you’re on track, congratulate yourself. You are awesome. This shows you’re headed in the right direction to greatness.  Keep focused on your resolution. Renew your mind every day to remind yourself you are strong. Go forth and conquer.

If you happen to be one of those that just didn’t grasp hold of the resolution you made, ask yourself. Why? How? When? Where? What? Made you think. Hmm… How can I get myself back in that thought process when I really wanted to make a change to improve something in my life? Are you fearful of not accomplishing that commitment you made? Are you fearful of what others may think? Or even worse, are you fearful of others talking about you? You know, that word gossip. Only you can allow that word fear to enter your mind. Be focused and step proudly and politely back into your mindset of being determined, disciplined and dedicated. Only you can bring forth the fruits of your labor. It may take baby steps. But, oh, I can see the happy dance when you achieve your resolution.

Now for those that said “NO”, I can’t handle this. I’m DONECheer Up! There really is a rainbow at the end. It must have been important for you to even think of putting this resolution in action just a few weeks ago. Go back to that initial feeling of why you wanted to make a change in your life. You might have to breathe a little deeper for this one. But, take those breaths slow and focused. Are you up to the challenge? Sure you are. Let this year be a time to awaken yourself to new heights you have never explored. This is not just a resolution. But, let it be part of learning and knowing you are capable of so much. Remember, this is not a marathon race, this is your journey, your lifestyle. Speak to yourself often and tell yourself, I CAN do this! These were magic words for me and I say them often.

The word resolution is just a word we act on at the beginning of the year. Let the fire that gets lit at the beginning of the year never go out. Commit to yourself that you will always take action to improve your wondrous lifestyle. Be with others that encourage you along this journey.  All things work together for good.  Oh, and remember breathe.

To sum it up, go out there and be victorious in your journey. Don’t let that word resolution make you feel defeated, even if you have bumps along the way. Live a lifestyle that consists of health, encouragement, fitness and any other goodies sprinkled along the way. Only you can decide which path you will take to fulfill your New Year’s Resolution. Let your journey be filled with joy, hope and love.

Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Give yourself a BIG hug.

You are definitely worth it!

Written By Guest Blogger :

-Charlotte Simpson












Charlotte is a true inspiration to those around her and I’m so thankful she shared this blog and allowed me to spread it around!