carsalesmantrainersI have been putting off doing this blog for quite some time now because I have been trying to keep any negative views of certain training facilities and trainers to myself but I have reached my thresh hold and I don’t want anyone else to fall prey to these gimmicky car salesman trainers/facilities. So here are my 5 things to look out for when trying to find a trainer or gym.

1) Constantly “Up-Selling” You:
If you are at a gym or have a personal trainer and you notice they are always trying to get you to join or upgrade to this “new” and “amazing” 30 day challenge they have been “testing” for sometime and are ready to unveil to the public, I’m sorry but you have a car salesman for a trainer/gym. You are paying good money to your trainer or gym for their services and knowledge, you shouldn’t have to constantly be resold on a new program or challenge. If you’ve noticed this I promise you there are much better trainers/facilities out there who can help you achieve your goals without up-selling you constantly.

2) Never Referring Out:

No one has all of the answers. It’s a hard thing to accept sometimes because as trainers we want to get as many clients as we can and help them as best we can. There is a tendency among trainers to constantly critique the training style of what you may perceive to be your competition. The fact is other trainers are not your competition and not every trainer will be a great fit for a client. Some people have more knowledge on a given subject because they have chosen to specialize in it. I know that notion seems weird but at this point trainers are specialized in certain areas just like other careers can be. I personally specialize in natural movement and medical exercise but I’m not a bodybuilder so I’m not going to prep someone for a bodybuilding competition because I have to experience there. I will however refer a potential or actual client to someone else if it will help them reach their goals. I personally have a handful of other trainers I know and trust to refer out to just like I know doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists I refer out to. If your trainer is reluctant to refer out or talks bad about every other trainer you might have to reevaluate if they will actually help you reach all of your health goals.

3) No Drive to Step Outside Their Comfort Zone or Learn Something New:

There are a million certifications out there and I’m not saying a trainer has to constantly be getting new certifications but if they are not striving to improve their services and learn new techniques they will never grow and neither will you. I love getting new certifications, shadowing, and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I would have never imagined I would have a Parkour Certification a year ago but now I have one and the learning experience was phenomenal and helped my clients in the long run. I also shadow physical therapists and chiropractors also to improve my knowledge about the body. There are some many resources for learning out there and I don’t think you have to go the traditional route of getting a degree in this business but you do need a hunger for knowledge and experience. I think there is something to be said for perfecting you craft too. You can train for power-lifting and nerd out on how to increase your P.R.’s (Personal Records) and that to me is trying to learn something new because the person who is a nerd about their craft will spend countless hours trying to perfect it. That comes with an increase in knowledge and stepping outside of yourself to learn a new way to train and improve. In regards to a facility I would say watch out for a facility which doesn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, stepping outside of your comfort zone is a part of fitness if you want to reach your goals.

4) Being to “Meta”:

Now I’m all for positive thinking and visualization, I believe it has tremendous power personally, but if that’s all your trainer talks about you can begin to tune them out. Sometimes a client needs to be told they are slacking or aren’t performing how they should be and sometimes they just need to be heard without being given some talk about just staying positive. Of course a trainer shouldn’t be monotone or unenthusiastic because part of what you are paying them for is to keep you going when you would normally give up. There can be a fine line between motivation and coming off fake sometimes though. So find a trainer who is grounded with high expectations of you and of themselves without throwing a motivational quote at you every two seconds.

5) Bragging To Much:

Trainers love to show off their success stories and for good reason it’s the most satisfying part of out job to help someone reach their goals. It also can help our business to show other people what our services can do. It can be to much though if it seems to be taking over your facebook newsfeed and there seems to be a post every 5 minutes. At that point it seems a bit excessive and personally I think it is taking advantage of the client unless they have fully agreed to be the new “face” of the advertising side of your business. Don’t get me wrong I love bragging about my clients when they achieve a major goal it makes me extremely proud to have been a part of their health journey but I don’t post about it every multiple times a day. You have to watch out for making comparisons to other clients here also as each client is on their own personal journey and constantly seeing another clients success story in excess can be demoralizing. Done in the right amount though it can be motivation for sure, just watch out for a trainer focused to much on bragging about a client excessively.

So that’s my list of things to look out for when choosing the trainer who you want to help you reach your fitness goals. I hope this will help shed some light on some of the negatives out there but more importantly point some people looking for a good trainer in the right direction. This is my craft and its been hard to watch some people not respect it like they should but in light of all of that it has been truly amazing to meet some top notch trainers in Tulsa doing amazing things! If you read this and are looking for a trainer please message me and I will gladly direct you to the person best suited to help you reach your goals, I know some pretty great trainers!