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Just wanted to give a quick update on the garden and the many problems and fruits of labor which have occurred since my last blog.
The biggest problem I have noticed is that our grow boxes are limiting the growth of our plants. I’ve seen other in ground gardens at friends houses and the plants are much bigger. With this comes limited production of certain fruits and vegetables like our green beans and melons. The tomatoes and watermelons don’t seem to be affected as much. The watermelon are actually growing their vines out of control. The problem with the watermelons have been the insects and animals attacking them and not ripening quick enough.
Another big problem for our garden has been flies in the compost which we have taken care of this week with fly trap sticky paper and a fly trap water bag. We tried diatomaceous earth to help with the ants but it didn’t work with the flies. It will make some really nutritious soil for next year.
We have did have some good fortune with our tomato plants and my roommate actually made some salsa our of some we picked. I was able to use some green beans from the garden in a salad but unfortunately the plants haven’t been doing to well lately. Our lettuce is actually growing out of control and straight up! I’ve never seen lettuce grow straight up on a stalk and its now blooming so we won’t use it as the leaves will be bitter.
My big hope is that we will at least be able to indulge in one rip watermelon before summers end. This has definitely been a learning curve and if we decide to continue next year we will move certain plants to the ground to allow maximum growth.
Last fun tidbit is we found an albino frog in our compost!