Have a plan…as simple as that seems it often seems to elude most of us, especially when it comes to food.  How can we make the best food choices when we are not held accountable and don’t have a plan? In order to be consistent with our diets we have to figure our weak points and come up with solutions and a blueprint for our eating habits week by week.

The easiest place to start is to figure out what your weak points are and address those first.  So if sweets are the thing which often causes you to go off the rails with your eating habits then get rid of any temptations you have and come up with a solution to curb your cravings when they arise.  My recommendation would be to keep good nutritious foods that are slightly sweet to satisfy the craving in a small dose while provided great nutrition.  Berries such as goji, longan, blueberries, black berries, strawberries, etc. are examples of tasty berries which will more than satisfy your sweet tooth while providing a ton of micronutrients and antioxidants.

Once you have a plan to address your week points build a meal plan around making sure you won’t fall back into old habits whether that’s eating sweets, fatty foods, skipping meals, etc.  You have to pre plan a little here and use sites like pinterest.com to look for new simple meal ideas.  I personally stick with the basics with a meal consisting of a protein, a carbohydrate or a fat, and at least one to two green salads a day.  I try to keep the foods on a rotation so I don’t get sick of eating the same thing over and over and to diversify the range of foods my body is getting.  Try not to over think this initially as it will seem like a daunting task and you’ll be quick to dismiss it.  For those who need a way to fill in the gaps with meal prep try to find a company like MyFitFoods in your town which sells prepped meals that are healthy.

Make sure to have snacks ready at all times and my one guiding principle here is that the snack needs to have fiber with it and no greater than 250 calories.  Nuts with berries, trail mix (non-sugar/m&m kind), carrots with hummus, wholefood bar (bearded brothers, kind, or oatmega are good choices), non-sweetened Greek yogurt with berries are just a list of a few options.  Try to have a snack on you at all times so there are no excuses for grabbing fast food when you’re out of the house.

My last tip is to make sure you have at least 5 back up plans.  Have them written out and set up so there are no reasons why you should fail.  With that many backups you have to go out of your way to eat unhealthy.  Stay the course and find a lifeline if you feel yourself gravitating towards bad food choices.  I recommend finding an ‘accountability buddy’ to join you on your health journey so you can keep each other on track when times get tough.  At the bottom of this page is a slide show of some snack ideas and meal ideas you can try to get yourself started on this new path of meal prep. Enjoy!