Exciting news here over at Steven Morales CPT (sorry for the third person reference but there are a lot of people who help me so this is a team effort for sure!) I am happy to announce the new and improved website! This has taken quite a bit of work but it is definitely worth the effort because the website is much more user friendly and easy to navigate plus we’ve updated and added in some of my other projects to the website such as my podcast LocalALists, my Udemy course, and my YouTube channel.

The other big news is that I have re-branded my blog to ‘Level Up Fitness Blog’ which is a wink at my other big passion video games and also the pursuit of taking your health, fitness, and knowledge to the next level.  I have some great stuff planned to showcase on this blog in the coming months so I hope you check back to see it.  As always this blog is typically biweekly, unless I get swamped with work but you can always check out my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/stevenmoralescpt/ for weekly updates.

The last big thing I want to talk about is my Newsletter which is launching this month and will be a monthly email containing tons of FREE content, mostly short videos covering health tips, recipes, workouts, and much much more!  This newsletter will also include a discount code for my Udemy Course which covers proper body mechanics for foundation exercises, 10 no equipment home workouts, and how to construct your own workouts.  The signup for this is on the homepage of the new website and on a tab on my Facebook page.  I hope you take a second you check out everything my new site has to offer and if you want free content every month then definitely check out the newsletter.  Thanks so much for your support and push for the next level in your fitness journey!