As the reality of the New Year sets in gyms across the nation will be filled with people excited and ready to achieve their fitness resolutions.  Unfortunately most will give up on their goals within the first month and very few will actually achieve their New Years Resolutions.

Why is this?

As the famous quote by John Beckly goes “Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” It is this lack of planning that gets the best of people and ultimately leads to disappointment and unachieved goals.  So for those New Years Resolution individuals please take a moment to look at my 5 tips for making sure you achieve your goals instead of letting them take the back burner for another year.

#1 Create Goals That You Are Pulled Towards and Not That You Have to Push Yourself Towards

This is from Tony Robbins and its something I tell my clients all the time.  Most people I see are constantly trying to “push” themselves towards a goal they are not truly excited about or pulled towards and so it becomes easy to get off track when things get tough.  Lets be honest it sucks to get up at 5 am to do cardio or go to the gym if you are not excited about achieving your goals.  So stop trying to push yourself towards a goal you are not willing to get up and put in the hard work for that excites you and pull you towards it.

#2 Hold Yourself Accountable

This is a big reason why my job exists and for those who understand how they operate they know that being accountable to someone else is what it takes for them to be consistent with their fitness program.  I’m not saying you have to hire a personal trainer but be honest if you need to be accountable to someone else because you go easy on yourself for not doing what you know you need to with your fitness and nutrition.  I’m a huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuck (Vayner Media founder and Start Up investor) and in a video he released a couple of months ago he said the reason he has a full time trainer on his staff is because he was BS’ing himself after trying to train on his own for a while after being with a trainer for over a year.  Gary always says to apply Self Awareness and fitness is a big area where people need to be completely honest with themselves as to why they are not achieving their goals.

#3 Plan Out the Small Goals Along the Way

I’m a fan of Trainer Joe DeFranco (Sports trainer and owner of DeFranco’s Gym) and he always talks about how he reverse engineers his athletes program setting markers for where they need to be at along the way.  This is a great approach for reaching fitness goals as it gives you not only a timeline for your goals but small goals focus on along the way.  Most people focus on the big goals which seems daunting in the beginning and sometimes unreachable instead of looking towards the small goals that are along the way. Know what the stepping stone goals are that will let you know you are making progress towards your big goal.

#4 Don’t Beat Yourself Up if You Mess Up Along the Way

No one is perfect and you are bound to mess up at some point and that is okay.  What’s not okay is when people beat themselves up and start a downward spiral of bad decisions.  James Pesch and me have have talked about this numerous times on our podcast LocalALists because its something we see all of the time where a client falls off track because they messed up and said “screw it” and went completely off the rails.  It is okay to mess up along your fitness journey just make sure you learn from it and move on and don’t spend anytime talking bad about yourself because that will never help.  Learn and move on just make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

#5 Celebrate Your Victories

Last tip is to Celebrate when you achieve your goals, even the small ones, because ultimately you have put in the work and grown in order to make your goal a reality.  Most people forget to do this which eventually leads to diminishment of your excitement for your goals.  Take a moment to reflect and appreciate all of the work you put in to reach your goal and as lame as it sounds be proud of yourself because far to often people belittle and break themselves down.

So there you have it 5 tips for making sure you stay on track with achieving your New Years Fitness Resolutions.  These are not exclusive to fitness goals either you can apply these same tips to any New Years Resolution and let’s make 2017 the best year yet!